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well last night me and my sister had to go this lil shin-dig for my other sister because she won an art conest (2nd place, nice) and we were so bored we started taking random pictures, like us by the tree, us eating cookies. and ooh ^.^ the cookies, they were lil mini gingerbread men! and u know what’s funny? yesterday i was sitting in class and i swear i could not concentrate (partly cuz of my headache >.<) because all i could think of was cake. yeah, cake. and i just uploaded a photo of cake… and i don’t know where it is,*scratches head* meh. anyways, as i was saying, i was craving cake, and when i came home, my dad was like "are any of u craving cake? cuz i am" and then he’s like lets go out and buy cake! my jaw just dropped.

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