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the truth:

squirrels love Tim Horton’s donuts. my sis saw a squirrel and threw a piece of donut at it. after it ate it… the squirrel started doing a bobbing head dance! she threw some more, he danced more!! yet when we threw him a peanut… nothing, no dance. there ya have it.

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childhood story:

I am participating in Patresa’s "When We were Short and Stupid: A Blogger’s Collection of Childish Tales" ? Go to her space (*HERE*) to get further instructions

When i was a lil tot, about 2 years old my mom took me to the post office because she had to mail something. she told me to wait quietly while she bought stamps. i wanted to lick the stamp and stick it on the envelope and my mom said no. so what else could i do? i threw a massive temper tantrum. right in the middle of the post office. my mom had to drag me out by the arm lol.

Another time, a friend of mine dared me to kiss our guy friend. reluctantly we hid behind the playground. but then one of us had the genius idea to fake it. we started making kissing noises and in the end my friend actually believed that i kissed the guy. even years later at a sleepover, she stilll believed it.

As a kid i would always watch The Price is Right (actually i still do) and i was so amazed by it. i went around telling everyone that i was gonna be on the show. and that i was gonna play Plinko and win lots and lots of money.


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i can’t get yelled at for this:

stupid Monday morning. i still don’t know why i got outta bed. nothing good happened as soon as my feet hit the floor.

i was supposed to call an cancel an order my dad had made for a self-installation kit for faster internet. so i called, told the lady my story and hung up. then i called the next place i was supposed to call… lo and behold something kept cutting in. so i hung up and re-dialed. and for once i actually managed to get through… and then my phone went dead. THEY CUT OFF MY F-CKIN’ PHONE SERVICE!

so i went down to the superintendent’s office and used the phone. i called, told the lady what happened and she says: “i’m sorry, we don’t deal with phone service here”. yeah, what a load of cr-p that was. so they can cut off my phone service, yet they can’t hook it back up?

my dad doesn’t even know yet. but i can see know how it is going to go: you sit around at home all day, i leave you with ONE task to do… AND YOU GET THE PHONE SERVICE CUT OFF?! WTF?! <insert more yelling>

ooh my life is juuuuuuuuuuuuust peachy.


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