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the story of how it all began

as i am assuming, most of you or all of you, know of my addiction to Dr
Pepper. but do you know the story BEHIND it? well here goes, from the

years ago, maybe 9 or so? i was at a friend’s birthday sleepover and
she was showing me her Dr Pepper lipsmacker and was telling me about
what a great drink it was. i responded with "eeww" assuming the name
meant it had something spicy/cinnamony in it. gross.

then in June of 2000 i was coming home from a bike trip and i was super
thirsty. at the time they were having a promotion where you collect
Simpsons characters from under the caps. i was trying to win. so i went
to buy a drink, all that they had with the contest was Dr Pepper,
so i thought to myself "meh, why not". i still remember, to
this day, sitting in the park on the bench (i was locked out, i came
home earlier than my mom) and drinking it. i still remember what it
tasted like, how it fizzed on my tongue. i remember thinking to myself
"wow this stuff is good. no spicey/cinnamony though." and so began my

it stayed dormant for a while after that, i didn’t have much access to
the drink. but when i got to high school, had more freedom to go out
with friends, i started buying it more. and getting more addicted. and
now… 5 years, 4 months later: i love Dr Pepper… addicted, very

that’s my story. my name is Pinka, and i am a Dr Pepper addict, have
been for over 5 years and don’t plan on quitting any time soon.
*tips hat*

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