and it begins again…

01 Dec
oh the madness, the horrid horrid madness. the chocolate snowflake donut is back. and i had one yesterday. and i want one today. and tomorrow. OMG its last year all over again <flash back>… crap i am going to be so broke. yet its so worth it to eat one of those sweet, sweet donuts. i will never forget the first time i tried one. Mike came to visit and we were headed off to the ROM and it was freeeeeezing cold outside. and they just would not shut up about how cold they were. we passed by a Tim Horton’s so we went in. i noticed that the new donut of the month was chocolate snowflake. me being the donut-addict that i am, having a hobby at the time to always eat the donut of the month and try and try them all… i went for it. and damn was it good. i mean, i never had something so good. the creme in the middle was like that of a Krispy Kreme. but it was better. it was bigger and less greasy. and the icing on top with the little bit of chocolate shavings OMG. i want one now. it starts again. but this time the Tim Horton’s isn’t directly across from me while i type, so the temptation isn’t so easy to access. but nonetheless, i will feed my craving.

that’s all i could find *tear*… i will take a picture of one… eventually… someone will first have to buy me one though… or more than one, i can live with that

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