someone once told me i should be a writer

01 Dec
and i ask, not just myself, but the general readership: why?

why would anyone in their right mind, think that i should be a writer?? i am very confused by this.

a sample of my writing:

gr. 10 english essay on Macbeth: "they skewered his head on a stick and waved it around happily"

gr.11 history essay on why great civilizations rise and fall: "a great
civilization is like a sock, eventually you wear a hole in the toe and
have to replace it"

gr.12 philosophy essay on utopias: "there is no such thing as a utopia, there is Fruitopia but my essays not about that"

last year in my blog: "being in love is like allergy relief…"

anyone out there still think i should become a writer? i assume that’s
a resounding no? i have yet to write anything of such this (school)
year though. there is still hope though.

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