KFC story:

09 Mar
i have quite a few funny stories involving KFC. my poor future children.

it all started one fateful day at Dixie Mall. me, my sisters and my dad were walking by the foodcourt and i noticed a lonely old man, sitting alone. i suddenly realized, OMG HE LOOKS LIKE THE COLONEL! and even moreso: he was eating KFC!! the Colonel, who should be dead, eating his own damn chicken (which will render him dead anyways). ahahhahaha.

then another time me, my sisters and my dad were in the elevator and my sister was bashing the buttons with her head and my dad yelled at her to stop or she would get electrocuted. so i started laughing that it would smell like fried chicken. lo and behold, a guy walks in… holding a giant bucket of KFC. me and my sisters doubled over in laughter. the poor guy was like WTF IS GOING ON?!

whilst in Waterloo visiting peoples, one night we got a craving for KFC. well Mike did, then he got us craving it. so we called up KFC and tried to order. apparently they don’t deliver to res. so we checked the site, decided and what we wanted. then i had the bright idea to call up a taxi and go through the drive-thru, so we piled into the taxi, me in my pj’s and headed off. but when we got there, they were like "we don’t offer that deal here"… *shakes head*
and you now what really burns my pickle? i STILL have not filled my chicken (wings) craving! *tear* will i ever get my chicken wings?! i don’t even have my proper ID, so i can’t go to Gretzky’s on Mon. for all you can eat chicken wings. *more tear*
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