i have had it up to here…

14 Jun
at one point today at work (yes i have a job, OMG). i cracked. something inside of me went *SNAP*. and now, i have decided on something that i am going to do as a result of this. and i am not going to tell you. i will instead show you… if possible. somehow. i will try and post pics. if feasible.
in other unrelated news.: my hair is still red. it has been for about a month now? i dyed it. permanently. OMG. so red. so very very red. purple. red. purple. RURPLE.
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One response to “i have had it up to here…

  1. Fabio

    June 15, 2006 at 11:33 pm

    cool..u dyed ur hair red, that was always my favourite colour on you; it makes you look hot and sexy! Can\’t wait to find out what ur up to, I got so curious when I read ur blog lol.


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