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just when i thought the world couldn’t get scarier…

i read in the paper yesterday that the infamous puppet from the Saw movies is up for bids on eBay. if you want to see it for yourself the link is: click here (too long to post actual link). the current bid is at $11K CAD. crazy. i even ended up having a stupid dream that i was in Saw 3 and the cops/FBI (actually, i think it was the BAU from the show Criminal Minds) were using me as bait. either or, i woke up freaked out!
and just a little eye candy for reference of what it is that i am so damn afraid of:
scary. downright scary. *shudders*
i hope that whoever ends up buying it, BURNS THE DAMN THING.
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i swear to you, this is the scariest commercial since that one with Richard Simmons in a canoe, or the Blue Man Group ones. this commercial just freaks me out. i have to look away every time. the people have no control over their mouths which are singing some horrible YOP song. YOP btw is a yogurt… that you drink. enough said.
BAN THE COMMERCIAL. *throws slipper*
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