Year in Review ’06

07 Dec
i figured i might as well do my "year in Review" now, i know its a bit early but what can you do? come back and read it later?! PFFT.
for the most part, i say this year SUCKED. majorly sucked. there were good times, i’ll give that much. some really, really good times…. *winks at Squid and Lawnchair… and Mike* lol. and i did get quite a bit of stuff accomplished. basically, if you bypass my crappy jobs and state of affairs with that one damn person… well maybe it was a good year after all? i did get those wicked awesome Tripp pants (sadly not from Hot Topic, but still good). lots of good times were had at Gabby’s and Casey’s *winks at Fabio* lol, our server eh… *me-ow!*
so much fun in KW with Miiiiiiiiiiiike! OMG that one race we had in Mario Kart, where Kevin and co. beat us by like literally 1 sec, not even, twas less than that non? and our continued torture of the guy at Bluenotes. ooh!! our massive shopping spree at Bluenotes!!! damn that was fun!
or Taste of the Danforth, i fiiinally got around to going to that 😉
or the CNE when me and my sisters were all over the map, ahahahhaha.
ooh really good memories of watching TV with Camilla and yelling at stupid Frank and Gordon commercials! ack. or laughing at the american channel "if you have suffered from diabetic coma… or DEATH! call us now" i swear, it had the exclamation mark! or that commercial that she still has NOT seen where this lady comes out and, i swear to Dr Pepper, she says: "i am a neat freak, that’s why i take _____ to clean my bowels, it helps me stay regular"… i fell off my seat laughing hysterically. she says it so calmly without cracking a laugh!
and i FINALLY found out what happened to House’s leg. actually, i only found that out this week >.<
my DVD collection has boomed exponentially, i am about 1/4 or 5th of the way to owning my entire top movies list! all that in less than 1 year. and i never paid more than $20 on a single DVD.
and of course, who could forget the lovable Borat, he made 2006 that much greater, i have seen that movie 3 times so far. but now i have my sights set on owning Talladega Nights, so stupid, so funny.
and i have (finally) figured out my life, for now anyways. i know what i want to do, where i want to go etc… of course, everyone has been so very helpful to me during this whole shin-dig of turbulence. *hugs* you guys are the best.
hehehehe, i am definetly looking forward to 2007 *winks at Mike*…. you know what i’m talking about. and of course, Harold and Kumar comes out then.
hell, maybe 2006 wasn’t so bad a year afterall? well there are still 3 weeks left. i could win the lottery or get hit by a bus. we’ll just have to see. i just hope both of those don’t happen at the same time LOL.
still need to find someone to go New York (city or state, either or) with me….. any takers?!
ah yes, the discovery of my allergies. now making me the butt end of all Christmas tree-related jokes. hell, even my mum took a swing at me, laughing that i will be sneezing. and of course, there was the beauty of Everwood and the final episode, for once a show went down gracefully. lots of screaming involved with that show, like is quieter now. *tear*
i have also managed to hold down 4 jobs so far (not all at once, but over the course of 2006)… and the year is still not over!
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