*hangs head*

13 Dec
i say this with a heavy heart.
something (one?) that is very near and dear to my heart (and not just because i am Canadian, or all the great PMCEL links to it) has betrayed my trust and stabbed me in the back and broke my heart, my possibly already broken by then, heart.
Tim Hortons.
ever since they came out with the chocolate snowflake donut (what was it, 2 years ago?), every year around Christmas time i would get all excited about finally getting to eat one (which was an especially comforting thought this year given the other incident of PAIN and HEARTBREAK)… lo and behold…. IT’S BEEN REPLACED. by some shit raspberry donut.
how could they do this to me? why? why would they out of the blue hurt me like this? so unannounced and without good reason. i never did anything to hurt them. i loved them and supported them. and cheered every time it was mentioned on TV or by american tourists. i went out of my way to get to that donut. but i also supported them year round. and this is the thanks i get? a kidney punch of sorts to the heart?
what is with everyone and doing that to me these days?! did i miss the memo? is it suddenly "National Beat Up On Pinka"… time? i hope to God that ’07 has a better theme than that. hmm, ’07…. 007…. OMG i should go to spy school. then i can snoop and find out who was behind this back-stabbing treachery, and while i am at it get revenge on all the others who have wronged me (you damn well know who you are, assholes) and i have not gotten over it. ugh, but that takes too much planning. and my eyes hurt. you think that the pain in my heart and back would distract me. but nooooooooo. and yes i literally have been having some chest pains, in my heart. weird, i know. and unrelated to the pastry stabbing, but not unrelated to another person who treacherously stabbed me in the back… *glares*.
i love my TV.
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