16 Dec
in one of my previous posts i went on a postal rage about Timmy’s. eventually when i calmed down, and stopped shaking from sheer rage, once the fire in my belly died down. i decided to go down there, once and for all, and try the damn donut. it wasn’t that bad. it wasn’t absolutely amazing either. its just their chocolate donut (the one with the glaze) with raspberry icing on top. unoriginal. boring. i miss the chocolate snowflake, the only thing close to it is the kripsy kreme with the same white icing inside (tastes the same), *shudders* i really don’t want to go back to eating that shit. i want my chocolate snowflake!! <insert tantrum>
watch out world i am on my 5th job…. in less than a year…. i think i’ve got a record here. i am going to have to outdo myself next year though. so far, for job ideas i have: bar-tender, medical transciber (after i do the course of course), perfume sprayer in a major department store…. ooh maybe a dispatcher!! maybe i should go to spy school? nah, i’ll leave that for 2008 πŸ˜‰
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