insanity runs rampant, local yokels toe gets stepped on

16 Jan
in my desperate need to find a half-decent photo of myself, i realized how unorganized i am online. where did all my good photos go?! i tried to go back to my old old website which years ago actually used to be a website, but now i found that one day last year in my desperate need for storage i tore it down and now its nothing more than a directory. except instead of photos of me, its photos of KoRn.
as i was saying yesterday, this site/thing seems to have just snowballed! to think, it all started 2 years ago with me being bored and having nothing to do on the internet until i read an article in the newspaper about (yes that is where this began). blogger was OK, but then i read in the paper about MSNspaces, and i jumped on board. i must say, i like it more. and it just kept growing into the huge monstrosity that it now is. albeit, back in the day i used to have readers and i used to post (half)decent movie reviews (maybe one of these days i will post a good one?)
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