stall, stall, stall

13 Feb
yes, i am still avoiding putting together my damn IKEA bed. since i got here, close to a week ago, i have been sleeping on a mattress on the flloor. up until yesterday it was bceause i didn’t have the tools needed to assemble the damn thing. apparently its not so easy that all you need is that lil twisty thingy, apparently you need more. and i got them yesterday, but it was too dark and there is no overhead light in the room. i would’ve been working by the light of my lava lamps. and my hands haven’t even recovered from all the previous injuries of putting together the nightstand which is now a digital projector stand (Mike, you RULE! and i know you’re at work reading this and you’re going to home and make fun of me…ahahaha) and from ripping the plastic off the Wiimotes… oww. at least the rugburn has worn off.
hmm.. off topic. very good.
i looked crazy in the store yesterday. first i had to go to the Source to pick up some A/V thingies. which i had no idea what they were, i just brought in the cable, told the lady that my friend sent me in there for it. that one failed. and then at the dollar store i looked insane because i was buying hammers and metal pans and bandaids… all on a charge card. in retrospect it looked like i was going to murder someone. *evil grin*
and then to make things funnier, i had to buy garbage cans. so i went to Zellers to the clearance section to find the cheapest ones. which turned out to be these somewhat creepy SpongeBob ones, when i came home they were both laughing at me. but it was a good deal, they came out to about $3 each. so ha!
off to work on my dissassenbled mess that is supposed to be furniture. damn i should post before and after photos. but its jsut too embarassing.
*dons white tank top, brown overalls, and tool belt, takes a sip of Folgers* ready to go.
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