18 Feb
i finally took my clothes out of the dryer. and by finallly i mean that they have been there since Thursday, and now it is Sunday. as i sat here pondering the mystery of the forgotten socks and undies left to perish in the dryer, i wondered… WHY? why did i forget about them? and i realized…. yeah, uhm…. i’ve got nothing. *shakes head*

on a side note: i can’t stop thinking about zombies after yesterday. last night as i was trying to fall asleep, every time i closed my eyes, all i could see was hideously gorgeus zombies, so much so that when i got up to get a drink of water, i staggered across the room muttering "must… eat… brains" AND surprisingly i did not walk into anything. unlike this morning when i cracked my hip, the usual, but not so seeing as the pain radiated down to my knee and i freaked for a sec. because that was kneeing knee, how can i temporarily immobilize a zombie by kneeing/kicking him if my good knee has been sabotaged by my cracking hip? and then just as i was coming over to write this… i bashed my arm on the ledge. ooh the bruises i have from this weekend. i am all nice and tender. zombies don’t like tender meat right?

hmm… i should go now before this goes any further….

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