can’t blink…

19 Feb
this weekend we rented WarioWare Smooth Moves. i always kind of assumed that it was just another game. nothing all that exceptional. well this game is exceptionally addictive. me and Mike have been playing it for the past…. 5 hours?! has it been that long?! and still we are only through the levels once (you play through again and it continues with more hilarity, like smacking an old man on the wrist with a baseball bat while he tries to take an orange LMAO!) and not even, we are stuck in the old school one right now. and we have yet to beat the side-bar game where you have to keep hitting the ping-pong ball to get to the top of the tower. we did however manage to get through all 50 "levels" in the balancing side-bar game. LMAO, took like 2 hours or so. *sigh* i am so addicted to this game now. its definetly waaaaaay better than i could have ever, ever(!!!)  imagined. and we are nowhere near getting through it, i think. plus playing the hula-hoop game in the sidebar section on really fast speed= AWESOME.

*polishes bat* i am ready for tomorrow.

11 hrs. 6 mins. until new games are available for download from the Wii store. how am i to get ANY sleep tonight? all i can see right now are those falling bricks, the triangly-trapezoid ones, that look Pumbaa… ooww the pain… i have hurt my shoulders, knees, legs, back and totally unrelated cut my finger.

need… sleep…. no more bricks. make it stop.

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