last night

20 Feb
we got stuck on wario so we quit. chocolate was eaten. people got giddy. Mike jumped on the air mattress which i was resting the laptop on, i joked that it would fly in the air and smack me in the face, we giggled. then i went to the kitchen to eat a cookie, but i thought Mike was writing something siwwy to someone who is still new to me, i.e.: not used to the madness, and i freaked, shoved the whole cookie in my mouth and tried to shout. i ended up sounding like Ting Tong from some weird british-esque show. that set off another wave of laughter so i ran and jumped into the air mattress which made Mike’s end of it jump. then he could smell my cookie breath and he felt like he was eating cookies and he freaked and i laughed more which made it worse which made me laugh more and then there was more giddiness and jumping. and more cookies. and then i took a picture.

and now i have third degree rug-burns on both my elbows and arms.

[see photo in album: meee]

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Posted by on February 20, 2007 in Tales of the Two Craaaazy Roomies


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