blinded by the light

22 Feb
the main kitchen light also has a fan in it. back when the smoke alarm story from Sunday happened i had tried to turn the fan on. in any case, today Mike was trying to turn the light on. but when he flipped the switch the fan started spinning, but no light. so he started pulling the speed cord to slow down and stop the fan, but i was like "no, pull the middle cord!" to turn the light on. so he pulls it… before either of us has a chance to shield our poor poor eyes… BLAM. we both get it in the eyes. we burst into laughter and we are both staggering around the kitchen laughing intermittently with cries of pain.

you see, since he bought the projector a week ago, every time we use it and one of us turns sideways, one of us always gets blinded. even if its by the reflection on the inside of our glasses. every time we try to pass something to each other, BLAM in the eyes.

soon that will be remedied by putting the projector on the ceiling. not soon enough though.

oh God my eyes hurt. it hurts to look. i been seeing things, i swear it!

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Posted by on February 22, 2007 in Tales of the Two Craaaazy Roomies


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