22 Feb
so last night i was sitting on my bed cross-legged and talking to Mike, i got lazy and decided to lie down. i had just sat on my bed and not thought about were on the bed my ass was, so as i leaned back, because i was higher up on the bed [closer to the headboard]… i SMACKED my head really hard on the headboard. right on the top back part of my head! i grabbed my head, screamed and curled up in fetal position, giggling and moaning in pain.

i went downstairs to get some ice to put on my head. but we have no ice, not even an ice tray. so i had to settle for a bag of frozen perogies. while i was downstairs the other roommate was there and i told her that i had hit my head and she was like "OMG i heard that, that was your head?!", more laughter, and even more when i came back upstairs and told Mike. then i sat there on my bed, balancing a bag of frozen perogies on my head. my head had already started hurting near my eyes from the kitchen light incident, this was NOT helping. but aspirins did.

ooh but the laughter did not stop there. we got to talking about the projector and how we have to get it up on the ceiling soon. the problem is that we have the PS2 and Wii connected to the projector, so they would either have to go up there with it, or we would have to get longer cables. we started laughing about if we had the systems up there, you would have to climb up a step-ladder just to change the game, LMAO. ooh but it got funnier, because then i was like, wait? won’t the controllers be hanging down [i don’t have wireless PS2 controllers and 2 of the GameCube controllers are also not wireless]… which led to the guitar from Guitar Hero. that was when we cracked and just could not stop laughing. every time one stopped, the other started. and then, right at the moment of weakness, all i said was: DDR. roaring laughter. i sit here writing this now, laughing.

i am going to end up with abs of steel.

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Posted by on February 22, 2007 in Tales of the Two Craaaazy Roomies


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