ah technology

27 Feb
today Mike bought a digital scale so that we could all know what none of us even want to know, how much we weigh [not collectively, mind you]. so when we got back we sat down in the kitchen and Mike starting trying to turn it on, but at first he ignored the instructions. after getting frustrated with it, he called me over. so i grabbed the instructions and followed them. same results. stupid blinked LCD display saying "erase?" and if you click "no" it goes back to "erase?" then when you click "yes" it resets completly and you have to reprogram it, but as soon as you weigh yourself and watch the dancing squares [or were they circles?]… IT RESETS and goes back to "erase?". after a couple rounds of this… we got mad. i threatened to drop kick it.

now we have something to do tomorrow. return the scale. and the shirt i got overcharged for.

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Posted by on February 27, 2007 in Tales of the Two Craaaazy Roomies


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