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blinded by the light

the main kitchen light also has a fan in it. back when the smoke alarm story from Sunday happened i had tried to turn the fan on. in any case, today Mike was trying to turn the light on. but when he flipped the switch the fan started spinning, but no light. so he started pulling the speed cord to slow down and stop the fan, but i was like "no, pull the middle cord!" to turn the light on. so he pulls it… before either of us has a chance to shield our poor poor eyes… BLAM. we both get it in the eyes. we burst into laughter and we are both staggering around the kitchen laughing intermittently with cries of pain.

you see, since he bought the projector a week ago, every time we use it and one of us turns sideways, one of us always gets blinded. even if its by the reflection on the inside of our glasses. every time we try to pass something to each other, BLAM in the eyes.

soon that will be remedied by putting the projector on the ceiling. not soon enough though.

oh God my eyes hurt. it hurts to look. i been seeing things, i swear it!

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tis the life

i finally cracked. i bought a chair. but not just any chair, a good chair.

i decided to continue the jobhunt seeing as i was starting to acquire spiderwebs from not going anywhere. whilst in the mall i chanced upon Zellers and went in there on a whim, not expecting to find what i didn’t know i was looking for. and suddenly there it was! a padded lawnchair! my ass rejoiced!! when i bought it i told the guy that i was furnishing the living room, he laughed. then he laughed even more when he told me he didn’t have a bag big enough for it! there i was, halfway through my job hunt… carrying a folded lawnchair! i walked through the mall getting nothing but weird looks, yet i still managed to go to four restaurants and apply for bartending jobs. here’s hoping.

[picture coming soon]


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a deeper appreciation

since i moved here about a week and a half ago, i realized how important furniture is. and how i took it for granted back home, especially the couch. oh the couch is a staple in life. if you don’t believe me, then go a week without using your couch or chairs for that matter. sprawl out on the floor or an airmattress. Mike at least gets to sit at work. the most i can do is go to the mall and sit on the leather chairs, but its too far, stupid 5min walk. LMAO. not to mention that someone has been locking the door in the fence and none of us can find the key to it for the life of us. and i am NOT going the long way, its twice as long!

hmm… i haven’t been outside since… since…. SATURDAY?! hm, this needs remedying. ahaha, dying is in that word.

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the forgotten archive of stories buried deep within the folds of my gooey sticky brain:

  1. on one of the first days here, i was walking and unbeknownst to me, i tripped over the box containing a piece of my bed and went flying face first into my mattress
  2. Sat. night i went upstairs to the bathroom, everyone else was downstairs. when i came out, Mike was sitting on his bed and he just blurts out "its Baileys". i had no idea he was even there, i screamed and fell backwards on the floor and smashed my back, LMAO.
  3. this is a long one so bear with me. the 2nd day that i was here, me and Mike went to the mall with a list of basic necessities that we needed to buy. we brought backpacks to make it easier. first stop: The Source. i don’t remember why, may have been all the hotties working there. anyways, we go ask the guy if they have any Wii’s and he says no. so i ask if we can get one on hold. he says no. so we are leaving, but the guy behind the counter [the hottie] and he asks us if we found what we were looking for, Mike says something about the Wii, but the guy gets confused and thinks Mike is saying "we" and Mike’s like no "Wii" after a couple back and forths, the guy was like "Oh there is one on hold, would you like that one?". i was like WTF? lol. it was funny. so after we left, Mike crammed it into his backpack. then we went to Zellers, where we set off the alarm. the lady looked like us as if we were crazy when Mike pulled the Wii out to have it scanned to stop setting off alarms. as we kept going through the mall buying more and more things, we kept setting off alarms everywhere! and we had so many bags plus our backpacks. by the end the guy at HMV was like "good riddance" lol. and we didn’t even end up buying the screwdriver and needlenose pliers [which btw, we STILL have not bought] and other stuff that we actually needed.
  4. we still don’t have chairs. my ass hurts.
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last night

we got stuck on wario so we quit. chocolate was eaten. people got giddy. Mike jumped on the air mattress which i was resting the laptop on, i joked that it would fly in the air and smack me in the face, we giggled. then i went to the kitchen to eat a cookie, but i thought Mike was writing something siwwy to someone who is still new to me, i.e.: not used to the madness, and i freaked, shoved the whole cookie in my mouth and tried to shout. i ended up sounding like Ting Tong from some weird british-esque show. that set off another wave of laughter so i ran and jumped into the air mattress which made Mike’s end of it jump. then he could smell my cookie breath and he felt like he was eating cookies and he freaked and i laughed more which made it worse which made me laugh more and then there was more giddiness and jumping. and more cookies. and then i took a picture.

and now i have third degree rug-burns on both my elbows and arms.

[see photo in album: meee]

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my eye is itchy

and completely unrelated to that topic: the wait is over. the new virtual console games are out. and really only one of them is good, or maybe i skimmed through and missed some other good ones. but the one that i am speaking of is Donkey Kong Country. mwahaha, the madness continues. i secretly love that game. its so much fun to play, as long as you are playing with right person mind you.

now to go back to sneezing my brains out. hmm that could just about relate to the title line non? damn allergies.

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can’t blink…

this weekend we rented WarioWare Smooth Moves. i always kind of assumed that it was just another game. nothing all that exceptional. well this game is exceptionally addictive. me and Mike have been playing it for the past…. 5 hours?! has it been that long?! and still we are only through the levels once (you play through again and it continues with more hilarity, like smacking an old man on the wrist with a baseball bat while he tries to take an orange LMAO!) and not even, we are stuck in the old school one right now. and we have yet to beat the side-bar game where you have to keep hitting the ping-pong ball to get to the top of the tower. we did however manage to get through all 50 "levels" in the balancing side-bar game. LMAO, took like 2 hours or so. *sigh* i am so addicted to this game now. its definetly waaaaaay better than i could have ever, ever(!!!)Β  imagined. and we are nowhere near getting through it, i think. plus playing the hula-hoop game in the sidebar section on really fast speed= AWESOME.

*polishes bat* i am ready for tomorrow.

11 hrs. 6 mins. until new games are available for download from the Wii store. how am i to get ANY sleep tonight? all i can see right now are those falling bricks, the triangly-trapezoid ones, that look Pumbaa… ooww the pain… i have hurt my shoulders, knees, legs, back and totally unrelated cut my finger.

need… sleep…. no more bricks. make it stop.

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