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another one crossed off my list

it’s been on my list of life’s goals to walk to cow-country from here, my home in London. i came to this idea when one day Ryan missed the turn and i laughed that we would end up in cow-country. and also because i am a city chick.

so yesterday me and Brent set off, heading North on Richmond. and i must say it didn’t take long before we saw cow-grazing fields. but no cows. i was sorta mad. i wanted to see animals. at this point there was no sidewalk, just paved shoulder. i was loving it, but i was a tad paranoid about being on the shoulder. not for the same reason as Brent, thinking we could get run over ;). no i was paranoid about stepping on roadkill, no sooner was i about to say it, did we chance upon a roadkill, the first of many. it was a deer, well a buck, in the ditch on the side of the road, less than one foot away from what we assumed to be a raccoon. soon we saw a horse. a live one, not a dead one. my poor city eyes were shocked at all the things i saw. a flour mill, a mennonite furniture store. ok well sorta. but still it was cool. when we got near the flour mill, the view was so pretty. so irritatingly pretty. you see, i left my camera at home. i was too lazy to carry the damn lil digi. all i had was my camera phone. which is useless seeing as my photos are trapped in there for all eternity. in total we saw about 16 cool animals, both dead and alive. well minus the dead cat. that one was sad. for the first time i saw a hawk/turkey vulture [the jury is still out on which one it was] and i saw a muskrat/beaver [again, jury is out, but i think we settled for muskrat, its cooler].  and there was one roadkill that we had no idea what it was. we couldn’t even find the head [not that we poked at it, just from walking around it]. i says it was a mutant hybrid. part cat, part raccoon.

and yes i did get to see some cows.

and we ended up walking to Eight Mile Road. i kid you not, that’s what its called.

pics coming soon. as soon as i get my ass back up there 😉

*hint hint* if someone i know is reading this

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after yesterday its amazing that i could even stand up this morning. first i did an 8hr shift at my new job. my 45 minute lunch break: 5 or so minutes was spent walking home, and then on my feet in the kitchen making lunch. of my lunch break i got to sit for about 20minutes TOPS. after my shift ended i went back home, changed into a skirt [it was super hot outside, summer-like] and waltzed out the door and walked downtown, which was about and hours walk. then we went to Big Al’s Fish Store. we were in there for a good hour or so. again, on my feet. by the time i came home, i swear my ankles were slightly swollen!

but that was yesterday. today when i woke up i just about considered falling down the stairs because i was convinced it would be easier and less painful. later we ended up walking to Home Depot, a good 45 min(?) walk one direction. BUT on the way back [which was at like 9:30pm and we were near Adelaide, which= bad] someone decided to throw a full water bottle [the 500mL type, not 1 or 2 L otherwise i would be in the hospital right now] out the window… of a moving car. i hate being a pedestrian. the damn bottle, travelling at God know’s what speed, hit me in the leg. the part of my leg that had been hurting all day. i screamed so loud. but after 20minutes of debate, me and Mike came to the conclusion that the bottle was not thrown out of spite or evil. purely out of stupidity. 1.) there was no meniacal laughter after i got hit 2.) we were WEST of Adelaide NOT East [but then it would’ve been a bullet not a bottle ;)] 3.) there is no number 3

and its 1am, i should be in bed, yet i am not? and tomorrow i have more walking ahead of me, and ditto for Friday?

stupid water bottle.

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Patio Daze

today was the first nice day of spring. actually, it felt like summer. i came home from training and changed into a tank top and spent the rest of the day on the patio. at some point though, i left the screen door open. you might think nothing of it, BUT whilst out on the deck with Brent i got attacked by a mosquito. i shrugged it off and thought nothing of it other than its almost summer! well a couple minutes ago, me and Mike were sitting around we got attacked by a mosquito!! so i grabbed my shitty sketchbook and retaliated. armed and with a warcry, i attacked! but the curtain rod got the best of my attack.. and subsequently fell on me. BUT being the quick thinker i am, i grabbed it and weilded it like the mad[wo]man that i am! and with another battle cry [that was really more like high-pitched horror movie screams] round 2 began. after much running around and stabbing at the ceiling, to no avail. i resorted back to my sketchbook and standing on things, given that a piece of the rod fell off, scaring me quite good. i thought i got the lil sucker… but nope, he had escaped. then he camouflaged and blended in with the stucco ceiling, some of which is now on the floor. so i lay in wait, waiting for the bugger to blow his cover. and with great force, i jumped and smacked the ceiling with my book. face full of stucco and no results, then, finally! I GOT HIM!!! i screamed to Mike that i got him! he was smooshed!!! then Mike asked -where?- i pointed at the floor and said -there!- and i leaned in closer and realized that it was a thread. i freaked for a sec, looked over to the left a little and sighed. there it was. and now the little terror has been flushed. gone forever. that is, until i leave the screen door open again 😉

p.s.: i forgot to add the intermittent screams of "there it is!!" and "its behind you!!" and "DON’T BREAK THE HOUSE!!!!!" and when i went downstairs Connie was like "OMG! i thought Mike was killing you ;)"


the epitome of boredom

weiredest thing happened last night. we were bored. absolutely positively bored out of our skulls. nothing to do. we had done everything there was possible to be done. watch TV, play video games, run around the kitchen, eat cake, fix broken things, EVERYTHING. so we decided to make smores. Mike put them in and walked away. i was upstairs and came downstairs. i walked by and peeped in… they were burnt!!! SO BURNT!!!! so we were super ready for the smoke alarm… it didn’t even go off. super boredom.


its been over a month now that we have lived here. and FINALLY last night we went out and bought some damn icecube trays. first thing i did when we got back was make ice. and now i shoved it in the blender with some Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper Berries & Cream [which tastes quite bad i must say, too much cream not enough berries] and some grenadine to make up for it being watered down by ice. real tasty. and finally i get to use my hurricane glass that i bought half a week ago! [been dying to use it]

25 runs

my sister called me on my cell last night, right in the middle of Smoke on The Water in GH. Mike wanted to talk to her but i resisted. so he started chasing me around in circles. through the kitchen, through the living room, around and around and around, dodging between the folding chair and bar stool. all the while i am trying to keep up a conversation with my sister (s) at some point they switched and i wasn’t sure who was who. Connie was laughing hysterically at us. she said that 25 runs around like that is like a work-out regime for us. so whenever we feel fat or that we need excerise that we should just chase each other.

GH Warning:

me and Mike played Guitar Hero last night… for about 4 hours. at least. then we swicthed over to GH2, but we only lasted a good half hour. a good half hour because at this point we were so in the zone that we ended up playing Less Talk More Rock by Freezepop… ON HARD MODE! and the kicker? i was totally dominating at one point! and not my usual couple of notes streak. no, i was on a roll. i was winning BY FAR. for about half the song almost. but then Mike pointed out that i was winning. *CRASH* i started losing. then he started getting wrist pains. and my arm started spazzing out horribly. so we decided to move onto Freebird… the 9minute song. i don’t know what the thinking was behind this. but for the record: we played it on Medium. and we played all the way through. except for maybe one quick muscle spaz-death break? at around just before midnight, we called it quits. somehow, just while sitting around, Mike was messing with his hair trying to style it differently. after several failed attempts. i told him that it is not the style that needs changing. that the only thing he really could change would be the color. suddenly i find myself trying to convince him to let me dye his hair blue using the dye he had bought 2 years ago [the first time i dyed his hair]. at first it was a no-go. so i pointed at my head and said "how many times have i dyed my hair since then?! i have been a freakin’ chameleon up until 3 months ago!". so it was settled, we were going to dye our hair. at midnight. fun. so we went to the basement to find the dye. we had to go down the dark stairs because of course, there is no light switch at the top. only at the bottom. then a box fell. scared the daylights out of me!
afterwards we ran upstairs giggling viciously. but then i had to run back down. needed supplies. so i grabbed what i could find. plastic spoons. foam plates. lots of plastic bags. a roll of tin foil. all while giggling. Connie was looking at me kinda funny, lol.
and we did it. we succeeded! we both have freakin’ awesome hair now. all this because of Guitar Hero. *sigh*
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