shocking tale

02 Mar
so i awoke this morning to my phone reminding me that i am to leave for Toronto today [yes i forgot to fix that]. 4th day in a row that a phone wakes me. so i grumble, turn it off and turn over… back to sleep. after all its only 9am.

an hour later… Mike runs in and tells me that i hafta get up. *evil glare* i grumble and try to get up, but OMG i have pulled every muscle in my arms and back. the day before i had been kicking the shit out of bots on Wii-boxing. i am at skill level 600 something now and have yet to lose. i only been knocked down once, but i got up again. i even did better than Matt’s friend from the hostel, Brian [who by the way if he or Matt is reading this… i challenge you Brian, as soon as we get a second numchuk] who at the time was doing pretty good, it was keeping us amused. anyways, it took me FOREVER to roll out of bed. but as soon as i did, the electricians came in [that’s why i had to get up, they were going to be drilling]. there i was racoon-eyed, messy hair, grumbling and in so much pain. and… he was hot. he was early twenties blonde. in my head was like [f-ck!!!]. after i finally un-zombified, i went downstairs, lo and behold… ANOTHER hot electrician. i was like OMG! JACKPOT!

all was going well. they were working, i was keeping out of the way, Mike was gone to work. and then the doorbell rang. the condo lady was like "uhm your recycling is flying ALL OVER the place", i looked out and damn it was. so she is telling me that i hafta go pick it all up. so i call Mike to giggle about it. then one of the hottie’s walks by and he’s like, yeah there was a guy out there earlier picking it all up. more laughs.

but then i was stuck out there chasing soggy cardboard [then throwing it into the garage carelessly], while the hotties went in and out of the house.

but it doesn’t stop there. as i was heading in with some bottles, a UPS guy approached me and asked for Mike. i accepted on his behalf. but the UPS guy was like "there is an import charge of $3"… PANIC. the guy was like "i can come back on Mon." but something in my head said no, go the crazy route. so i asked the guy if i could pay by debit. he says cash, credit, or cheque. CHEQUE! *ding* i run upstairs, leaving the bewildered delivery man in the "foyer"[as people like to call it], i get to my room… and my bed has been pushed up against my dresser [so they could put in the ceiling lamp, now the tacky living room chandelier is there instead]… i hit the floor, crawl under my bed and start throwing papers out of my bottom drawer [which is conveniently broken and just hangs open]. my legs were sticking out from under the bed, but i guess he didn’t notice. he says to me: "you freaked me out! all i saw was papers flying!!" ahahahahahahaha. i barely had time to laugh/flirt, i had to run BACK downstairs and write the UPS guy a cheque… for $3…. *sigh*

but now there is a wireless sensor bar for the Wii [just in time for the party mind you], the projector is up on the ceiling, and the living room is in wonderous disarray, the couches back in the position when they were delivered. and cords, wonderous thick black cords hanging down from the ceiling beside the pile of cables from the gaming systems.

and i didn’t end up getting any phone numbers just in case you were wondering 😉

back to do-it-yourself taxes [they ran out of time at the free clinic, and i do not wish to go back to the ghetto], unless you, the reader, wish to [properly] do my taxes? i can pay you with cookies!


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