bag lady

03 Mar
so we went to Loblaws today to do some House-Warming-party shopping [very last minute LOL]. and we ended up filling the entire shopping cart and i still had to carry some stuff. so as we were headed for the checkout, Mike was like "we’ll just borrow the shopping cart and return it on our next trip"… so we just about ran out of the parking lot with a shopping cart FULL of bags. keep in mind that i was wearing my Tripp pants with the zippers and bows and plaid and all the hoopla of a pair of awesome pants. damn did we get a lot of attention. then we "parked" the shopping cart in the garage. its still there [see album].

but it doesn’t stop there, oh no! after that we went to the mall because i ran out of lil cups and was having a meltdown and Mike suddenly became convinced that we needed bar stools for the party tonight, not just the folding chairs we had earlier decided on. so there we are, in Zellers, each carrying two wooden bar stools and a folding chair and some bags. when we got to the checkout line, i was so tired i just sat down on the bar stool. the other cashier who came in started laughing at us.

there we were, staggering through the mall, barely able to hold anything, bar stools and bags draped over arms, sweating and complaining. when Mike realized that one of the bar stools didn’t match, it was higher than the others. so i had to go back in, the lady at the register was looking at me like OMG. finally we were headed out the door, when out near the parking lot, near the entrance… embraced in a warm halo of light and angel music… a Zellers shopping cart. i ran to it, and crammed EVERYTHING i could into it. Mike still had to carry 2 of the barstools and we couldn’t get the shopping cart through the door in the fence, but still we managed to get ALOT of weird looks today. so many people had been laughing.


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