the housewarming

04 Mar
the housewarming party was quite a success! also given that it was the first party we have thrown here [and before this i’ve never even thrown a party LOL]. everyone seemed to be having fun. everyone at my babies… my mutant army of minions… my jello cups! and we ended up just stacking the cups, one in the other. and then Matt decided to create a giant tower of them… and it tipped over. the counters this morning were all sticky and jelloey. i don’t think i will be eating jello for a looooooooong time 😉

and i have learned for next time to alter the recipe and i already have really good ideas. its just a matter of me getting over the sight of jello and us throwing another party. it’ll be cooler in the summer when we have the deck. for the most part last night, it was used as a fridge. we kept the pepsis out there and people kept their drinks there [seeing as the fridge was FULL of jellos].

it was fun meeting people that Mike worked with. and just sitting around talking. so much talking. lol. and now we have GH2 and 2 guitars and we got a bunch of awesome presents!

the party lasted well into the night. the last people left around 2:30am. our poor kitchen though! it ended up so trashed! there were shrimp tails and orange peels filling an entire plate. there were jello cups piled up everywhere. the counters had random jello blobs all over. there were bottles ALL OVER the place, even in the living room. and the kitchen STILL reeks of fruity jello and cookies.

the photos from all of this are in the "two craazy roommates" album.

the next party will be even bigger and better! more than 30 people! later than 2:30am! kitchen more trashed!


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