a word of warning:

08 Mar
don’t leave me unattended with free access to coffee and a good playlist of songs playing on decent [well for computer speakers, decent] speakers. here’s why:

i was on MSN last night and Mike left because he was on his way home. Connie was also on her way out with a friend to dinner. so i sat there in the pitch dark [i had been playing THUG all day, i am in the San Diego level now, 25% complete the game!!!… on easy mode *hangs head*] staring at the laptop, no one was on MSN either. i was completly alone. what was i to do, i thought to myself.

*DING* off goes the lightbulb. CHUG AN ENTIRE POT OF COFFEE!! [keep in mind, this was flavoured coffee, which is a lighter roast ergo more caffeine AND i like my coffee sweet]. because after all, what goes else goes better after souvlaki than coffee?

so there i was, sitting on the kitchen counter top with my huge-ass mug of coffee, just chugging it back and refilling it. eventually i heard the lock turning, so i was like OMG MIKE IS HOME! so i ran to the door to scare him [on MSN he was saying that i was overdue for a scaring since the "IT’S Bailey’s" incident. but as i ran to the door i saw that it was Connie, so i told her how much coffee i had and that i thought i had heard Mike coming.

eventually he came home, complaining of coldness. fast forward to Mike rolled up like a cocoon by the fire, Connie telling him to go take a hot shower, which made me laugh hysterically because the shower knobs are broken and its IMPOSSIBLE to have a hot shower. the water in the taps is HOTTER. in any case, that set off a string of laughing fits. i was laying on the couch and i had tears rolling down my face, just pouring. i could barely breathe at one point. the laughter was quite overwhelming. then Mike went to the kitchen to get a brownie, so i rolled off the couch onto the floor to join him. but he stepped on the edge of his comforter and slipped and landed on the kitchen floor *SPLAT* it was hysterical [i am laughing as i am writing this]. then he thought it would be funny to throw a brownie in my mouth. trouble is, he hit my collarbone. and it stuck there! i ended up with crumbs all over and another giggle fit.


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