St. Patty’s Day

19 Mar
squid+lawnchair+ryan+mike+me= awesome St. Patty’s Day. there was Guitar Hero. there was Borat. there was Clerks 2, complete with all of us up and on our feet trying to dance along with the dancing on the rooftop scene. good laughs. we even went back for a second attempt. most of Borat was spent on the kitchen floor eating cake, off of plates mind you. twas Squid’s birthday, so me and Mike bought a cake. BUT cake at midnight, super sweet sugary icingy vanilla cake, = nausea for all. i was sitting on the counter top eating like a civilized person, with a fork. but then i dropped it and we were all out of clean forks, so i grabbed it in my hand and just chowed down. most of the cake is still in the fridge. it mocks us. Guitar Hero lasted waaaaaaaaay into the night and then into the morning. i didn’t fall asleep until about 7am or so. that day had been so crazy. at one point me and Mike realized that we had completly forgotten to eat lunch AND dinner!! the cake was our first meal since breakfast. ah the wonders of sleep deprivation. now i must be off to my comfy bed. FOR SPARTA!!!!!!

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