GH Warning:

20 Mar
me and Mike played Guitar Hero last night… for about 4 hours. at least. then we swicthed over to GH2, but we only lasted a good half hour. a good half hour because at this point we were so in the zone that we ended up playing Less Talk More Rock by Freezepop… ON HARD MODE! and the kicker? i was totally dominating at one point! and not my usual couple of notes streak. no, i was on a roll. i was winning BY FAR. for about half the song almost. but then Mike pointed out that i was winning. *CRASH* i started losing. then he started getting wrist pains. and my arm started spazzing out horribly. so we decided to move onto Freebird… the 9minute song. i don’t know what the thinking was behind this. but for the record: we played it on Medium. and we played all the way through. except for maybe one quick muscle spaz-death break? at around just before midnight, we called it quits. somehow, just while sitting around, Mike was messing with his hair trying to style it differently. after several failed attempts. i told him that it is not the style that needs changing. that the only thing he really could change would be the color. suddenly i find myself trying to convince him to let me dye his hair blue using the dye he had bought 2 years ago [the first time i dyed his hair]. at first it was a no-go. so i pointed at my head and said "how many times have i dyed my hair since then?! i have been a freakin’ chameleon up until 3 months ago!". so it was settled, we were going to dye our hair. at midnight. fun. so we went to the basement to find the dye. we had to go down the dark stairs because of course, there is no light switch at the top. only at the bottom. then a box fell. scared the daylights out of me!
afterwards we ran upstairs giggling viciously. but then i had to run back down. needed supplies. so i grabbed what i could find. plastic spoons. foam plates. lots of plastic bags. a roll of tin foil. all while giggling. Connie was looking at me kinda funny, lol.
and we did it. we succeeded! we both have freakin’ awesome hair now. all this because of Guitar Hero. *sigh*

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