Patio Daze

27 Mar
today was the first nice day of spring. actually, it felt like summer. i came home from training and changed into a tank top and spent the rest of the day on the patio. at some point though, i left the screen door open. you might think nothing of it, BUT whilst out on the deck with Brent i got attacked by a mosquito. i shrugged it off and thought nothing of it other than its almost summer! well a couple minutes ago, me and Mike were sitting around we got attacked by a mosquito!! so i grabbed my shitty sketchbook and retaliated. armed and with a warcry, i attacked! but the curtain rod got the best of my attack.. and subsequently fell on me. BUT being the quick thinker i am, i grabbed it and weilded it like the mad[wo]man that i am! and with another battle cry [that was really more like high-pitched horror movie screams] round 2 began. after much running around and stabbing at the ceiling, to no avail. i resorted back to my sketchbook and standing on things, given that a piece of the rod fell off, scaring me quite good. i thought i got the lil sucker… but nope, he had escaped. then he camouflaged and blended in with the stucco ceiling, some of which is now on the floor. so i lay in wait, waiting for the bugger to blow his cover. and with great force, i jumped and smacked the ceiling with my book. face full of stucco and no results, then, finally! I GOT HIM!!! i screamed to Mike that i got him! he was smooshed!!! then Mike asked -where?- i pointed at the floor and said -there!- and i leaned in closer and realized that it was a thread. i freaked for a sec, looked over to the left a little and sighed. there it was. and now the little terror has been flushed. gone forever. that is, until i leave the screen door open again πŸ˜‰

p.s.: i forgot to add the intermittent screams of "there it is!!" and "its behind you!!" and "DON’T BREAK THE HOUSE!!!!!" and when i went downstairs Connie was like "OMG! i thought Mike was killing you ;)"


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