29 Mar
after yesterday its amazing that i could even stand up this morning. first i did an 8hr shift at my new job. my 45 minute lunch break: 5 or so minutes was spent walking home, and then on my feet in the kitchen making lunch. of my lunch break i got to sit for about 20minutes TOPS. after my shift ended i went back home, changed into a skirt [it was super hot outside, summer-like] and waltzed out the door and walked downtown, which was about and hours walk. then we went to Big Al’s Fish Store. we were in there for a good hour or so. again, on my feet. by the time i came home, i swear my ankles were slightly swollen!

but that was yesterday. today when i woke up i just about considered falling down the stairs because i was convinced it would be easier and less painful. later we ended up walking to Home Depot, a good 45 min(?) walk one direction. BUT on the way back [which was at like 9:30pm and we were near Adelaide, which= bad] someone decided to throw a full water bottle [the 500mL type, not 1 or 2 L otherwise i would be in the hospital right now] out the window… of a moving car. i hate being a pedestrian. the damn bottle, travelling at God know’s what speed, hit me in the leg. the part of my leg that had been hurting all day. i screamed so loud. but after 20minutes of debate, me and Mike came to the conclusion that the bottle was not thrown out of spite or evil. purely out of stupidity. 1.) there was no meniacal laughter after i got hit 2.) we were WEST of Adelaide NOT East [but then it would’ve been a bullet not a bottle ;)] 3.) there is no number 3

and its 1am, i should be in bed, yet i am not? and tomorrow i have more walking ahead of me, and ditto for Friday?

stupid water bottle.

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