another one crossed off my list

30 Mar
it’s been on my list of life’s goals to walk to cow-country from here, my home in London. i came to this idea when one day Ryan missed the turn and i laughed that we would end up in cow-country. and also because i am a city chick.

so yesterday me and Brent set off, heading North on Richmond. and i must say it didn’t take long before we saw cow-grazing fields. but no cows. i was sorta mad. i wanted to see animals. at this point there was no sidewalk, just paved shoulder. i was loving it, but i was a tad paranoid about being on the shoulder. not for the same reason as Brent, thinking we could get run over ;). no i was paranoid about stepping on roadkill, no sooner was i about to say it, did we chance upon a roadkill, the first of many. it was a deer, well a buck, in the ditch on the side of the road, less than one foot away from what we assumed to be a raccoon. soon we saw a horse. a live one, not a dead one. my poor city eyes were shocked at all the things i saw. a flour mill, a mennonite furniture store. ok well sorta. but still it was cool. when we got near the flour mill, the view was so pretty. so irritatingly pretty. you see, i left my camera at home. i was too lazy to carry the damn lil digi. all i had was my camera phone. which is useless seeing as my photos are trapped in there for all eternity. in total we saw about 16 cool animals, both dead and alive. well minus the dead cat. that one was sad. for the first time i saw a hawk/turkey vulture [the jury is still out on which one it was] and i saw a muskrat/beaver [again, jury is out, but i think we settled for muskrat, its cooler].Β  and there was one roadkill that we had no idea what it was. we couldn’t even find the head [not that we poked at it, just from walking around it]. i says it was a mutant hybrid. part cat, part raccoon.

and yes i did get to see some cows.

and we ended up walking to Eight Mile Road. i kid you not, that’s what its called.

pics coming soon. as soon as i get my ass back up there πŸ˜‰

*hint hint* if someone i know is reading this

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