01 Apr
Alex came to visit on Friday night until Saturday. somehow on Sat. at some point it came about that Alex was going to cook. the question was what? i suggested butter chicken. then after a while, it came about that we would eat omlettes. then came pancakes and hashbrowns, croissants and a giant ham and a HUGE coil of kielbasa, it was about 2.5kg of kielbasa. the guy at the counter couldn’t stop laughing.

later as i was trying to eat my croissant, Mike kept insisting that it was good with the cream cheese icing. at this point i was full but just wanted to finish my croissant in peace. but Mike had other plans. he started chasing me, trying to dab some cream cheese icing on it, so i stuffed the entire thing in my mouth. and he STILL got me, on the face. and then i had to attempt to finish eating the croissant. whilst trying not to gag on it.


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