sun sun sun

23 Apr
the party last night turned out to be more of a get-together rather than a "blow the roof off this house" party. but it was fun. we sat on the deck BBQ, drinking and talking. general merriment all around. then we went inside for the usual… video games. and as usual i owned everyones ass as Princess Peach in MarioKart64. then we broke out WarioWare and things heated up, we were dancing and the poor poor Wii-mote was being tossed all over the place.

BUT i had originally been anticipating a bigger turn-out, for you see i have today off of work… no one else does, ergo many people didn’t show. but i didn’t take this into account on Saturday night when i was in the kitchen cooking up a massive batch of jello shooters… the whole top row in the fridge was full. about a  100 or so shooters…. most of which are still there, about 75 or so?! and its driving me NUTS! and we don’t have a party coming up here for a while given that Alex is moving in next week. and when i suggested and impromptu "yay Alex has moved in party" he shot back with "hey, how about helping me actually move in?" and we laughed. if anyone has any ideas on what i can do with my 75 jello shooters?

back to lazy deck day off of work.

btw: i found out that masonville is not as perfect as i had it to be. i cna’t find any place that sells Slurpees or even fake ones like Frosters or Slush Puppies. i am going to have to walk downtown, a 1hr walk… just to get my fix ;_;

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