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one tiny bit closer

my life is one tiny bit more complete:

[Alex McC sent 5/31/2007 7:41 AM:

they’re bacteria, fungi, or things that are very similar to to bacteria, none of which have lungs. so by our definition of sneezing, no]

now i know, and can move on to ask even more complicating questions. can microbes fart?
and now update: the answer is:

Alex McC says:
    can microbes fart? i don’t think that they don’t have a digestive system that produces gas like we do, so i don’t think so

 Pinka says:
    but they do eat. ergo gas can build up within their bodies, non?

Alex McC says:
    they don’t eat the same way we do

Alex McC says:
    we send chunks of food into our stomach, where our acid breaks it up.  air gets in along with it, and we don’t process things very      efficiently
    bacteria do the whole mitochondria thing, which outputs pure glucose (i think, or something similar), fungus take root instead of         "eating", and none of them really have a digestive tract.  so i don’t think so

and so we have an answer to my question. too bad, sneezing and farting mircobes would’ve been the cutest thing ever. teeny tiny sneezes lol.

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looking back

for once i am not looking over my shoulder to see if i am being followed by a crazy. but that’s not what this is about.
[i hope i can concentrate on what i am writing, for at the moment i am feeling a tad wave of euphoria. butter chicken and a funny mash-up of American Idiot with a guy yelling things… not helping]

i was going through my archives today, organizing it better, namely so that its easier for me [when super bored, as i have been this week] to read through what i have written in the past without bringing up things from the past that i wish not to. in going through i was skimming through my entries, looking for keywords that would make me disregard them and NOT put them into said categories for said organization purposes. and at first, i was trying to get it done as fast as possible, but slowly and surely… i got sucked in. started reading. which led to many a giggle fit. but it also made me go back and reflect and blah blah blah all that shit. but in the END, i did not leave with a new feeling, perse in me. as in, i did not feel like i had a new outlook on life, etc.. any of that crap. i only left remembering PMCEL and thinking of all the crazy adventures that are surely to come.

oh and its left me craving Dr Pepper…. really really really bad…. i need… my… fix…. *twitch*

and i have yet to find out 100% for sure if microbes can sneeze or not. BUT i did manage to confuse Alex 😉

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this is Pinka’s alzheimer’s talking… about cookies:

not internet cookies, but edible [well these weren’t quite edible, but the intention was there, and some did get eaten… more importantly: no one died]
i think it was last weekend?… no wait, the one before… its only Tuesday right? OK, for the sake of argument, not this past Saturday but the one before, Alex was gone for the weekend, as was Brent. it was just me and Mike. just like old times. it was a Saturday night. neither of us had any pre-set engagements… just the two of us. alone in the house, on a Saturday night. what were we to do? the smoke alarm was conveniently still disconnected. i was being driven nuts by the carton of eggs that i still had from Conny’s birthday cake-brownie. it was REALLY REALLY REALLY driving me nuts. and i was quite vocal on the matter. somehow it came about that we were to make cookies. Mike had his cookie mix, i was to make mine from scratch. the goal was to use up the eggs. and of course Mike managed to screw up ready-made-cookie-mix-in-a-bag-dealie. they smelled like crayons. it was bad. time for my first batch of cookie dough. the ones that half the batter was half real amaretto, half fake. these i must say did eventually turn out quite good. although they were chewy. which was a first for me. but what was disturbing was that even yesterday as i was eating them… they were still chewy!! the second batch was supposed to be just regular sugar cookies. but keep in mind, at this point it was around 11pm/midnight… on a Saturday night… we had eaten alot of cookie dough. we were not functioning properly and i just wanted to get rid of the damn dough and and enjoy my night. when these cookies were done, Mike grabbed one and bit it. *CRUNCH* he screamed. held the other end of the cookie out to me and said "bite"[rather angrily?]. and i declined, due to cookie dough nausea, placed it on the counter and promised to eat it in the morning. just between me and you: i never did bite it 😉
i write this because today i was throwing out those sugar cookies [if you can call them that, more like rocks resembling cookies] and they made a huge *THUD* noise as they hit the bottom of the garbage bag and Alex said "i hope you’re throwing out those cookies".

sidebar: Alex was going through the fridge and he says "where are the eggs?" i point at the cookies. he kinda grumbles and continues on, backs out again, "is there any butter left?"… i point at the cookies, while slowly backing out of the kitchen a safe distance.

Cookie Monster would be so ashamed of me if he knew. no one tell him.

the star power

me and Mike were playing GH II last night, at this point i forget which song given i played all weekend. at this point i was in a really good mood given that i had just found out that Barracuda by Heart was to be on GH III. Mike said something that got me all happy and excited while we were playing… Freebird, and i started jumping up and down all excitedly and all. which set off my star power. and then some jokes ensued. best star power ever
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Killer Queen

me and Alex were playing GH today and we were playing my favourite song: Killer Queen by Queen. and all was going well. we were playing on medium mode, the mode i most kick ass on. but keep in mind, Alex is waaaaaay better at GH than i am, by far. so we’re playing through the song. and the WHOLE song i am winning. the little arrow on the amp is all the way over on my side, its all red and awesome. i am winning by about 3000 points. its the last note in the song, well a double note chord. easy. i should’ve gotten it. but i didn’t. i missed it. whereas Alex DID get it. and not only that. he also did star power AND that little warpy dealie. slowly but surely, the little arrow on the amp started to go to the left… i panicked. there was nothing i could do to redeem myself. and so he won. BY 9 POINTS. this by FAR has been the CLOSEST GH face-off of all time.

NOTE: i do plan on redeeming myself. THIS ISN’T OVER YET!!!

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Pop Rocks and Pinka

again, me and Mike were talking last night. and for some ungodly reason he brought up my ex. i defended myself and cited boredom as the reason i stuck it out for so damn long. but he said that i probably would’ve ended up dating Kevin had i not stuck it out. i sighed and groaned. i tried to articulate the words for my lack of interest in Kevin. it went like this:

Pinka: Kevin? well no, you see… he is…. *deep breath* remember when i said that my ex was like cat food? well in that scale Kevin would be Melba toast
Mike: huh?
Pinka: i don’t find him to be the world’s most interesting person, but he is better than cat food. *evil laugh*
Mike: hmm…
Pinka: and well i guess then that would make Brent like…. [here is where my train seems to have derailed a tad, somehow i ended up in the candy aisle]… POP ROCKS!!!
Mike: how so?!
Pinka: well whenever i am with him its like fireworks
Mike: uhm?! *laughter*
Pinka: oh shit!! NO!! [at this point i am red as a beet] not like that! well i mean, yeah like that, but that’s not what i was meaning to say. i mean that he is the most interesting person ever… ugh i really gotta think things through before i speak
Mike: i’m afraid to ask, but… what candy would i be?
Pinka: Charleston Chews
Mike: how so? is it because i am brown?!
Pinka: *choking down laughter* well at first you try it and you’re like hmm ok [first time i tried it was the chocolate one, the worst of the three]
Mike: and then…
Pinka: well slowly but surely you get hooked
Mike: huh??
Pinka: well you see, when i first met you it was like, "oh ok, my bf’s friend, whatever".. and now 3 years later…. we live together, [and i am admittedly terribly addicted to Charleston Chews]
Mike: i’m blushing!! i never blush!!!!
Pinka: *giggles*… Pop Rocks… LMAO.

NOTE: the cat food reference first came up when i mentioned something about how awesome Brent is to Mike, and he was like "better than B-Bob?" and i said "i have upgraded from cat food to steak"



the basement finishing is finally beginning. the supplies arrived today. they were all left on the driveway, in two giant piles. because to have the guy take it into the basement= $500. and no workout for us. bad. Mike was on his way home, but i was bored, and worried that it would rain or the neighbour would yell. so i set to carrying whatever i could down to the basement. all well and good… until we got to the drywall. Mike was home finally to help me. we attempted to lift the drywall and i ended up dropping my end. damn thing was too heavy. and i had to leave for work. when i came home, the driveway was clear. i rejoiced. no having to carry heavy drywall!!! that is until i got in and Mike asked me if i wanted to carry drywall. i looked at him with a blank stare. apparently him and Alex had only managed to carry them to the garage. there was a matter of the banister getting in the way of the drywall being taken to the basement.

Mike: want to remove a banister?
Pinka: *evil grin* of course
Mike: how?
Pinka: bash it
Mike; NO!

Pinka: saw it off with a knife?

Mike: no.
Pinka: well then how do we get it to the basement, it won’t fit!
Mike: *plays with tape measure*
Pinka: ooh we take out the basement window!! lower them in!
Alex: [sarcastically, unbeknownst to Pinka] yeah! we bash out the glass, then with a sledgehammer bash out the entire window frame
Pinka: YEAAAHHH!!!!!!!!
Mike: noooooo!!
Alex: stop trying to destroy things!! [at Pinka]

and after some deliberation, we sacrificed the already slightly destroyed [by me dropping it] piece to see if we could get it down by fitting part of it in the garage. after lots of grunting and shuffling… it worked. one piece down… 29 more to go. and then one was dropped on my big toe. i screamed in girly pain which made Mike laugh, just about dropping the drywall.  onto the next piece. *CRUSH* it got my other toe. ON THE SAME FOOT. they are currently still throbbing, but they don’t look any different. there are still 20 pieces in the garage. and Mike & Alex have both decided to stay late at work tomorrow. *grunt*

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