15 May
the basement finishing is finally beginning. the supplies arrived today. they were all left on the driveway, in two giant piles. because to have the guy take it into the basement= $500. and no workout for us. bad. Mike was on his way home, but i was bored, and worried that it would rain or the neighbour would yell. so i set to carrying whatever i could down to the basement. all well and good… until we got to the drywall. Mike was home finally to help me. we attempted to lift the drywall and i ended up dropping my end. damn thing was too heavy. and i had to leave for work. when i came home, the driveway was clear. i rejoiced. no having to carry heavy drywall!!! that is until i got in and Mike asked me if i wanted to carry drywall. i looked at him with a blank stare. apparently him and Alex had only managed to carry them to the garage. there was a matter of the banister getting in the way of the drywall being taken to the basement.

Mike: want to remove a banister?
Pinka: *evil grin* of course
Mike: how?
Pinka: bash it
Mike; NO!

Pinka: saw it off with a knife?

Mike: no.
Pinka: well then how do we get it to the basement, it won’t fit!
Mike: *plays with tape measure*
Pinka: ooh we take out the basement window!! lower them in!
Alex: [sarcastically, unbeknownst to Pinka] yeah! we bash out the glass, then with a sledgehammer bash out the entire window frame
Pinka: YEAAAHHH!!!!!!!!
Mike: noooooo!!
Alex: stop trying to destroy things!! [at Pinka]

and after some deliberation, we sacrificed the already slightly destroyed [by me dropping it] piece to see if we could get it down by fitting part of it in the garage. after lots of grunting and shuffling… it worked. one piece down… 29 more to go. and then one was dropped on my big toe. i screamed in girly pain which made Mike laugh, just about dropping the drywall.  onto the next piece. *CRUSH* it got my other toe. ON THE SAME FOOT. they are currently still throbbing, but they don’t look any different. there are still 20 pieces in the garage. and Mike & Alex have both decided to stay late at work tomorrow. *grunt*


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