Pop Rocks and Pinka

17 May
again, me and Mike were talking last night. and for some ungodly reason he brought up my ex. i defended myself and cited boredom as the reason i stuck it out for so damn long. but he said that i probably would’ve ended up dating Kevin had i not stuck it out. i sighed and groaned. i tried to articulate the words for my lack of interest in Kevin. it went like this:

Pinka: Kevin? well no, you see… he is…. *deep breath* remember when i said that my ex was like cat food? well in that scale Kevin would be Melba toast
Mike: huh?
Pinka: i don’t find him to be the world’s most interesting person, but he is better than cat food. *evil laugh*
Mike: hmm…
Pinka: and well i guess then that would make Brent like…. [here is where my train seems to have derailed a tad, somehow i ended up in the candy aisle]… POP ROCKS!!!
Mike: how so?!
Pinka: well whenever i am with him its like fireworks
Mike: uhm?! *laughter*
Pinka: oh shit!! NO!! [at this point i am red as a beet] not like that! well i mean, yeah like that, but that’s not what i was meaning to say. i mean that he is the most interesting person ever… ugh i really gotta think things through before i speak
Mike: i’m afraid to ask, but… what candy would i be?
Pinka: Charleston Chews
Mike: how so? is it because i am brown?!
Pinka: *choking down laughter* well at first you try it and you’re like hmm ok [first time i tried it was the chocolate one, the worst of the three]
Mike: and then…
Pinka: well slowly but surely you get hooked
Mike: huh??
Pinka: well you see, when i first met you it was like, "oh ok, my bf’s friend, whatever".. and now 3 years later…. we live together, [and i am admittedly terribly addicted to Charleston Chews]
Mike: i’m blushing!! i never blush!!!!
Pinka: *giggles*… Pop Rocks… LMAO.

NOTE: the cat food reference first came up when i mentioned something about how awesome Brent is to Mike, and he was like "better than B-Bob?" and i said "i have upgraded from cat food to steak"


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