one tiny bit closer

31 May
my life is one tiny bit more complete:

[Alex McC sent 5/31/2007 7:41 AM:

they’re bacteria, fungi, or things that are very similar to to bacteria, none of which have lungs. so by our definition of sneezing, no]

now i know, and can move on to ask even more complicating questions. can microbes fart?
and now update: the answer is:

Alex McC says:
    can microbes fart? i don’t think that they don’t have a digestive system that produces gas like we do, so i don’t think so

 Pinka says:
    but they do eat. ergo gas can build up within their bodies, non?

Alex McC says:
    they don’t eat the same way we do

Alex McC says:
    we send chunks of food into our stomach, where our acid breaks it up.  air gets in along with it, and we don’t process things very      efficiently
    bacteria do the whole mitochondria thing, which outputs pure glucose (i think, or something similar), fungus take root instead of         "eating", and none of them really have a digestive tract.  so i don’t think so

and so we have an answer to my question. too bad, sneezing and farting mircobes would’ve been the cutest thing ever. teeny tiny sneezes lol.

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