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supposed truth:

the Greek word "pinka," meaning "desk," referring to the writing down of important events
too hard to verify…..
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note: leo, tiger, virgo lady with water. GRAWR. confusions. CRABS. CANCER BAD?whistling, soul mates, frolick in fields
this is more a tale of mine and Mike’s insomnia and random-before-bed-hyper-activity-giddiness.
last night me and Mike were chatting as per usual, but somehow [God only knows] we strayed from our conversation that i now do not remember:
Mike: one day you’ll be a cougar
Pinka: GRRRR… NO!
Mike: ahahahhhaa
Pinka: i may be a tiger and a lion… but not a cougar
Mike: what?
P: i am a tiger in chinese horoscope and a leo a.k.a. a lion, in regular horoscopes. explains why i like to sleep in the sun. ahahhaa, i am a cat
M: so i am one too?
P: well not really, you’re a tiger, but you’re not a leo. you’re a virgo.
M: what’s a virgo?
P: a lady with a pitcher of water
M: hmm
P: lol you’re a lady with water on a tiger and i’m a lion on a tiger
M: why does the chinese horoscope get more attention?
P: so you want it to be a tiger on a lady with a pitcher of water???
M: isn’t there also a crab?
P; yes, its Cancer
M: but cancer is bad!
P: no, its a horoscope sign
M: oh!! hmm
P: LMAO remmeber that time at the pet store when i said i wanted crabs?
M: can you whistle?
P:  tear, no i can only get one note, and not by blowing out air, only by sucking in
M: me neither! HIGH FIVE!
P: but i can whistle with grass
M: aww, i can’t
P: tomorrow we skip work and i will teach you. we will frolic through the fields, running towards each other whilst whislting with blades of grass
M: wow, that actually does sound awesome
P: i know!! we totally should
more later:
P: wow, so we both can’t whistle. we’re soul mates!!!
M: yeah!
P: we have so much in common. like.. like… we both have tans!!! ahahahhahaha 😉
[we go on listing what we have in common… it eventually becomes redundant]

The Cat and the Baby Bird

today me and Brent were walking up the pathway to his house and we saw a cat laying in the grass. but then he pointed out that there was a baby bird right across from him [the very same baby bird that we had seen earlier under the stairs]. we seemed to be interrupting. to me it seemed like the cat and bird were friends. but as soon as we arrived the cat came up to us and started rubbing up against legs. we thought it was weird and didn’t quite know what to make of it. the cat kept rolling around on the ground… but then his hungry eyes wandered to the baby bird. the baby bird who could as of yet not fly [otherwise he surely would have flown away as soon as the cat appeared?]. so we kept having to distract the cat and keep him away from the bird who was stuck, parse, there. the cat kept busy for a while licking my leg. unpleasant but it made me giggle. we pondered what to do. for we had plans for the rest of the day. i suggested feeding the cat in order to satiate his hunger. but then came the question of what to feed him? i jokingly suggested Nyquil. eventually the bird [who had yet to show fear], God only knows what suddenly and so quickly compelled him, started to run, spread his wings and attempted to fly. no sooner had he left the ground, the cat, in all his cat essence, ran forward and was about to pounce… but Brent ran in and blocked. the bird barely got off the ground and ended up landing in the hedges. the cat scurried off somewhere, his evil evil evil baby bird eating plan foiled.

nice save.

p.s.: this has been the best day EVER!!

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