22 Jun
note: leo, tiger, virgo lady with water. GRAWR. confusions. CRABS. CANCER BAD?whistling, soul mates, frolick in fields
this is more a tale of mine and Mike’s insomnia and random-before-bed-hyper-activity-giddiness.
last night me and Mike were chatting as per usual, but somehow [God only knows] we strayed from our conversation that i now do not remember:
Mike: one day you’ll be a cougar
Pinka: GRRRR… NO!
Mike: ahahahhhaa
Pinka: i may be a tiger and a lion… but not a cougar
Mike: what?
P: i am a tiger in chinese horoscope and a leo a.k.a. a lion, in regular horoscopes. explains why i like to sleep in the sun. ahahhaa, i am a cat
M: so i am one too?
P: well not really, you’re a tiger, but you’re not a leo. you’re a virgo.
M: what’s a virgo?
P: a lady with a pitcher of water
M: hmm
P: lol you’re a lady with water on a tiger and i’m a lion on a tiger
M: why does the chinese horoscope get more attention?
P: so you want it to be a tiger on a lady with a pitcher of water???
M: isn’t there also a crab?
P; yes, its Cancer
M: but cancer is bad!
P: no, its a horoscope sign
M: oh!! hmm
P: LMAO remmeber that time at the pet store when i said i wanted crabs?
M: can you whistle?
P:  tear, no i can only get one note, and not by blowing out air, only by sucking in
M: me neither! HIGH FIVE!
P: but i can whistle with grass
M: aww, i can’t
P: tomorrow we skip work and i will teach you. we will frolic through the fields, running towards each other whilst whislting with blades of grass
M: wow, that actually does sound awesome
P: i know!! we totally should
more later:
P: wow, so we both can’t whistle. we’re soul mates!!!
M: yeah!
P: we have so much in common. like.. like… we both have tans!!! ahahahhahaha 😉
[we go on listing what we have in common… it eventually becomes redundant]

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