AAAHHH!! fresh air!!!

03 Jul
so yesterday, for some really unGodly reason, Mike executed a massive search of the house for air fresheners. air fresheners that he had bought in MARCH, keep in mind it is now JULY. that is 4 months in between!!!

so last night Mike cracks open the first package. the air freshener [one of those standing ones with a fan inside]… is in pieces. so i take over and after realizing that i am supposed to remove the cap, assemble the damn thing. but then i notice that my fingers are all slippery, and they smell of air freshener!! and i mean smell REALLY strong. so i go wash them and later as i am eating my stew, i can still smell it and borderline taste it. at this point the entire first floor of the house reeks to the high heavens of air freshener "fresh air". at some point i put my hand up to my face… and next thing i know, my throat is burning and i can smell even more "fresh air" which lead to an insane coughing/giggle fit, so i leaned over to see what Mike was doing on the laptop. he starts coughing on the wave of "fresh air" that just hit him. i go wash my hands in an attempt to subdue the smell. he says that the keyboard now smells of it too.

a day later and: the smell has spread upstairs, mostly in Alex’s room. and i write this: i can still smell it. none of us have yet to venture into the bathroom where the air freshener now resides. the reason this whole debacle happened in the first place? because Mike noticed that the little [guest?] bathroom was kind of stale. but as he later learned and pointed out: that air freshener is meant for an entire office building, not a tiny bathroom!


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