catch you on the flipside

21 Jul
so there i was, sitting on my bed talking to Brent. he was complaining that there was a spring poking him and i replied apathetically that my mattress sucks. one of the springs has even worn a hole through the fabric. but, alas, i was not in a position to buy a mattress [partly due to stubborness in that i had paid for that mattress and planned to use it to the last bit], so i sat there cursing IKEA for selling me a crappy mattress [even worse than i had been expecting, i knew it was a mattress meant for a futon, but at the time twas all i could get].
then an idea dawned on me. why not just flip the mattress? get some good use out of that side. for i was sick of falling asleep with a spring poking me in the back. and sick of hearing people tell me to just go buy a new mattress. but then, what did my eyes behold?! the "underside" of the mattress… was padded. then came a string of curses, then a rush of relief for i had just about cracked, i was going to go check out some new mattresses today. so i saved my ass on that one.
6 going onto 7 months… i slept on the wrong side of the mattress. the non-padded side. the side where you could feel the springs. and only NOW, due to random mattress flipping due to a spring pushing not just me, but also Brent, over the edge. i might actually get a decent night’s sleep tonight and not wake up in pain. henceforth i will get to sleep in the middle of the mattress, as opposed to leaning to one side to avoid springs [that side just recently got "infected" with pokey springs too].
but its not all hunky-dorey. there is still a small tear worn into the padding. but i don’t really care.
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