Birthday Weekend ’07

05 Aug
i ‘spose it all started on Wed. when my shift ended, 3pm marked the beginning of my "accidental" [in that it just happened that way, i had not requested it] week off. i headed on downtown to visit Brent. in retrospect, not exactly the world’s greatest plan. for the temperatures had been [and still are] soaring into the 30s [40s with the humidex], but at least i had the sense to take the bus… the fare for which i had to pay in chump change, it went CLINK as i dropped in an assload of quarters. the heat was so unbearable i had to seek refuge in the ghetto mall that is Galleria, and with 5hrs time to kill until Brent was done work and my not wanting to set foot outside until need be, i decided on going to see a movie. the simpsons movie. it was awesome. afterwards i called my sister, had an awesome chat with her, but had to cut it short so i could go in search of something to drink. i was craving Jones soda, but for the most part i had trouble finding it in London. yet… there it was. in all its glory. so began my spree of awesomeness. [other than: when i got home from my super long walk, i had a really funny sunburn on my back, two triangles from my backpack]
today, being a saturday, being the weekend, i recruited Mike to go downtown with me. everyone else bailed. *throws shoe*
we walked along the bike path to get to Harris Park to see the Balloon Festival. on the way, we managed to miss the walking path and kept having to dodge bikers [which soon became the theme of the day, so much so that towards the end we didn’t even move aside and they had to ride on the grass. it was my hope that they would learn to ride on the road. why isn’t it like in Toronto where you get fined for riding on the sidewalk?!]. bananas. bananas are great in: banana bread. our nation’s foremost poet in 1932 wrote a poem about bananas. me and Mike "accidentally" ventured into the banana kingdom, as some [funny & clever] vandal deemed part of the bike path. we started laughing about people who would end up reading the messages spray painted on the path and crashing. later after we left the kingdom, some people were biking towards us, they too spoke of the [upcoming, for them] banana kingdom. we mentioned that it was awesome. they didn’t hear us.
we finally did get to Balloon Festival [along the way we laughed at a couple making out on a log] and there were two poeple in front of us and three in front of them, we wondered if they were all a group. or just two seperate groups, making us the third. one guy, i swear it, looked so damn familiar. balloon fest kinda sorta sucked. it was $256/person for a hot air balloon ride.
exhausted, and drinking really bad water that we got from a water fountain in the park, we headed off to Crabby Joe’s for lunch. our waitress was awesome. in the time between her taking our order and coming back with a pitcher of water and update on the status of our drinks [due to there being a new bartender who had to look up the recipe] we had managed to cover half the table in awesome doodles [they have paper over the tableclothes and provide you with a mug full of crayons] and she was very impressed. we had to move to the other half of the table to continue our doodles. he ended up drawing the story of what happen to his sims [the grandpa had gone crazy and the doctor couldn’t get into the house to save him because there were two smelly people in the way telling each other how smelly they were]. there were also: a zombie, Jesus wishing me a happy birthday, a church that turned into a rocket with Bonita trapped in it that turned back into a church but alas was on fire, Batman who came to save it, Fat Matt who ate Batman, Robin crying because his lover was dead, Robins NEW ass-lover, stick-Jesus flying to save the church, a random dinosaur with bubbles, Vonita, a person wiggling his ass to Let’s Get it Started by the Black Eyed Peas, a doctor fixing the ass-wigglers broken head, a real doctor who was crazy and being followed by lightning bolts, an improperly drawn ass-wiggler who got turned into someone in a hula skirt and some random faces, a message that said "i’ve been used", a happy birthday message to myself that got hijacked by Mike, and a tic tac toe game [for which the grid had already been drawn and it said Tic Tac Joe] which i had won [i was o’s] which turned into a three eyed face.. i think that about covers it all?
Mike was deciding what to order for dessert. mine was covered by the birthday thingy in that: at Joe’s they give you a free sundae on your birthday [i still have the sparkler that was stuck in it and not lit]. he coudn’t decide, so he swore. and the waitress was like "wow" she didn’t expect that dessert could make someone swear. after our meal we were given scratch & win cards. Mike won soup. i won something waaaaaay better: a frisbee!! [which is funny because earlier on the bike path there was just a random frisbee laying there and i had wanted to take it home]. our waitress was so awesome that she even refilled our water bottles for us.
next we headed off to Victoria Park for Ribfest. this was my third time going to it. although the first two barely count 😉
we ended up visiting every vendor tent… yet, we somehow never even ended up going near the rib vendors! as per usual, Mike bought stuff, i contemplated buying just about every single thing i saw with an elephant on it.
on the way home, the icing on the cake that was my wondeful day: i found a $5 bill in the grass. ooh i also saw a really cute cricket.
i now have a blister the size of the top half of my thumb RIGHT ON THE BOTTOM OF MY FOOT.
best day ever.

photos:  click here [if that doesn’t work, copy&paste:  ]


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