Missing Sock Haven

11 Aug
so i was helping Mike pack for his trip… 5hrs before he has to get up and leave for the airport. he sent me into his closet to find him some socks. i go in, look at the sock corner… and just start laughing so HARD. there were at least 50 pairs of white balled up at the top socks. i started laughing and said that the sock corner must be where all the missing socks from the dryers around the world end up. he didn’t really get what i was laughing at until he came over. took one look and burst out laughing. eventually i caught my breath and started sorting through. he told me to throw him the ones that needed throwing out. deep underneath i found a black fuzzy pair and threw them out of the closet. which just brought on another fit of laughter because the socks are just so funny looking! as i was going through i kept finding more things that were supposed to have been thrown out. in the end there was a giant box full of things to  be thrown out, including almost 1/3 of his socks. and i just couldn’t stop laughing and pointed out that most people do this after living in the house for a few years… not a few months!!
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Posted by on August 11, 2007 in Tales of the Two Craaaazy Roomies


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