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so last weekend me and Mike were chilling in the house… bored, as usual. Sunday morning i was sitting around, poking around on the laptop, Mike sat down beside me, bored just the same. next thing i know, he has turned on the XBox and is holding the laptop, saying that Chris [i think that’s who he said, meh tis what i shall call the person] said that it is possible to  connect to the computer wirelessly and stream TV shows and movies that we have on the computer. we tried this a few weeks ago, but needed updates from the Microsoft… which we couldn’t get because we didn’t have a harddrive because the damn piece of shit doesn’t even come with one. f-ckin’ piece of shit. Mike finally bought one becasue a game that he wanted to play finally came out for the XBox [up until then, it has served solely as a DVD-player and a royal pain in the ass] so Mike needed to save his game. duh. so now with the means to get the updates, it would seem that in a very short time we would be streaming TV shows and i would no longer have ot play AV girl, standing on the couch trying to screw the ___ cable into the projector, then the other end into the laptop… a pain in the ass this proccess was/is. so i was all gung-ho for it. but at the same time i had my suspicions that it wouldn’t be as easy as Mike was letting on, for it was an XBox we were dealing with here. i told him to just call "Chris" and have him do it, seeing as he said it can be done, ergo he knows how to do it. but nooooooo… Mike just HAD to do it himself. so there he was, clicking on a website, following step by step, downloading stuff, restarting the computer, disconnecting and re-connecting the laptop. and there i was sitting on the couch laughing but at the same time yelling about how much a piece of shit the damn thing is. and wondering how on God’s green earth they managed to sell so many units?! its a damn piece of shit! not even complete!! i think, were it not for GH [which looks awesome, i had tried it the day before at Future Shop, they made Surreneder on Medium easier, those assholes, made me think i was better than i was, then i crashed it, ah always with the wonderous CRASH] and Halo… it would never be this popular. damn piece of shit. half an hour passed. an hour passed. nothing. so i went on yelling about how Zune [the media player you have to use to stream your media to the shitbox] itself is also a giant piece of shit… dare i say it… worse than Real player, la creme de la creme of piece of shit media players. and then we found that it wouldn’t support our file types. brick wall. so Mike chanced upon the idea to convert the video files into formats supported by Zune. it took like 20mins to convert, so in the meantime i kept ranting and yelling… and holding my stomach in pain, for i was supposed to be recovering from massive abdominal pain and maintaining a stress-free state. the shitbox… was NOT helping, i wanted more than anything to just kick the damn thing… out the window… of a 14th storey building… onto a freeway… where an eighteen wheeler would run it over… and the bits would fly onto train tracks… where a super fast going train would make it disappear…
20mins later, we had a converted episode of Weeds. so Mike tried playing it. it lagged and was choppy. so he kept changing settings and restarting things. for an hour…. 1 WHOLE HOUR… i had to keep seeing the "previously on Weeds" clip… over and over and over….. MADNESS. i started quoting it and singing along with the theme song. and every time i would yell in agony, for it was starting to really get to me. and my stomach was twisting in angry knots. 20mins into it i kept saying "karsheeshian [however you spell the Armenian guys name] says guudbye" in a funny accent. 40mins in i was singing the theme song.. butchered mind you. 45mins… i was covering my eyes and ears screaming in agony.
and after all this downloading, converting, restarting, reconnecting, rebooting, reformatting, and changing of settings…. NOTHING. it was forever doomed to be choppy and crappy.
but we were kept amused for a good 2-3 hours. and i came out right. the damn thing is shit. and nothing more than a really expensive DVD player… that won’t even play HD/Blu-Ray DVDs… unless we buy the extra add-on….
nothing more than a giant money-making scam.
piece of shit.
oww my stomach.
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