14 Jan
so i finally got my hands on the connectors that i needed in order to make the ethernet cables that i need in order to hook my Frankenstein of a computer up to the internet. but then i couldn’t find the universal tool… for the first time ever i actually needed it for its intended purpose [crimping ends]… and i couldn’t find it. i searched all three floors of the house. i sat down, ready to make the cables, gung-ho that i would finally have internet [given that the laptop power cable is dead…. i had been without internet for about a week then, 7 days too many, i truly was feeling like a hermit]. i followed the other end which had already been made, i got the colors in the right order… but i couldn’t get them in all the way. that was one failed end. a few more and i had it. they were in all the way. but alas when i plugged it in i got: nothing. i threw the cable and gave up. the next day my cable was checked and they had no idea what could be wrong with it, so they made a new one from scratch. meanwhile i sat in the kitchen still peeved, i ended up making little monters out of the cut off ends. day two: i sat down again  and tried to make the cables. this time i was doing even worse. i never managed to get them all the way to the end. and the most i got on the hub was a "limited connectivity"…. again i gave up. and i still refuse to go near the damn things.

the next day i woke up and i was still mad. i headed to the mall to pick up my prints. but while i was there i figured, i’m stressed and angry and i am not going to get anything done if i stay like this. therapeutic shopping!  satisfied with my purchase i headed for the door, but what did my gorgeous eyes behold? it was snowing!! [me and Mollie had JUST been complaining about the lack of snow/winter]. i turned on my heel and headed right back into the mall to buy a hat and scarf [for i had left mine at home on account of, as far as i was concerned winter was over]. icing on the cake? giant bag of Skittles.<3

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