Lazy Sunday of the Squirrels

20 Jan
lazy sunday leads to: taxidermied squirrels.

ok, not exactly. i had been watching Scrubs season 4 a couple days ago. and it was an episode where the Janitor had an army of taxidermied squirrles [which was why he lost his taxidermy license]. anywhos, he had a giant army of them. this amused me to no ends. its still amusing me right now. i was writing about it to my organization, and it lead me to searching eBay for a taxidermied squirrel… which yielded me no results [something i am actually relieved about, for it would be a scary world to live in if i actually DID manage to find it]. eBay lead to google. which lead me to this: CLICK a squirrel flask. a taxidermied squirrel with a removable head, so you could drink from its neck [and you would HAVE to be drinking alcohol if you owned such a thing]. my theory is that this is a joke. it has to be.

this in turn led me to a really really weird site. where someone [apparently] has a pet tamed squirrel. which they then dress up and take really odd photos. see? i don’t know whether i should coo in amusement and cuteness or be afraid…? ok, its dressed as snow white. scary. definetely scary.

alas, tis not the scariest squirrel-related thing i found on my google page. i think this one takes the cake. taxidermy art. this person has a piece where a taxidermied squirrel posed hunched over a table with a mini squirrel-sized gun on the floor at its foot. a squirrel suicide. disturbing.

and now: an actual serious [?] article involving taxidermied squirrels?! can you really trust what the BBC science article is saying? taxidermied robot squirrels?

even Hallmark is in on the preserved squirrels: using them on their cards? "Monty the Squirrel – This taxidermied squirrel, placed
in unique and unexpected poses, delivers messages that often lead to
the idea of being overworked and underappreciated."

this is what happens when i have a lazy sunday all to myself with nothing to do and a connection to the internet 😉

on a semi-related/un-related note: i tried searching zombie squirrel. the results weren’t as amusing. the first one was actually just a really annoying zombie squirrel game. it sucked. sucked real bad.

i thought i was done. but then Mike said "taxidermy kit"…. so i googled it. and OMG. i am a tad scared. a squirrel mounting kit for only $19.95! "perfect for aspiring taxidermists."… *shudders*

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