World’s WORST French Love Song

22 Jan
ok,. so the french are supposedly known as "romantics". well i have proof stating otherwise. while randomly hitting buttons on BlogSpot i think it was, me and Brent came across this blog. as he scrolled through an entry in french caught my eye [given that the rest of the blog is in a different language]. it was the lyrics to a french love song. so i started translating it as best i could, out loud to Brent. mostly just out of curiousity to see how much i remembered. there was one line that was "Ne te mouche pas dans ma robe" which translates to: don’t blow your nose in my dress"… the song had been pretty hokey and cheesey but that line, made me laugh so hard and we just couldn’t keep reading it.

and just for giggles and shits, i clicked on the link to have google translate the page to english for me. the translation is so off! they translate the nose blowing line instead as "don’t fly into my dress". but i think the key gem in the translation has got to be a tie: "you did more than smell" or "between cheese and dessert" or "as a helping revolver".

i will never seen french as romantic. i will only see it as Kleenex dresses. and i will never use google translations… unless i am in need of a good laugh.

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