love of my life?… almost… but still: kinda sad…?

20 Mar
on my way to work today i passed a Volkswagen Rabbit car in the mall parking lot. and it reminded me of that awesome commercial they had a few years back, wthe cars chasing each other and that awesome chirpy song ["the Birds and Bees" by the band Patrick and Eugene]. and it got me thinking just how much i mis TV. i mean sure, i
get to stay caught up on my TV shows but i miss out on the commercials, i never know what new movies are out, what new products there are or TV shows. and it sucks.
you know what else sucks? when you are trying to get your commercials fix… and someone keeps trying to fast forward through them with their fancy pants PVR 😉
yelling at annoying commercials is also entertaining… especially when there is nothing else on. the best channels for that are the american ones like CW and WB… which goes by a different name now but alas its been so long that i do not remember 😦
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