*beep beep*

17 Apr
yesterday me and Mike finally cracked, we did yoga with Mollie, instead of sitting around being lazy. later on i was craving chocolate, so we went to Loblaws, i was gonna buy some brownies under the guise of "i deserved it, i got into OCAD". when we got there Mike INSISTED we go to the bakery [i am cheap, i was going to buy the pre-packaged two-bites]. he had his heart set on a giant cake. eventually i caved when he pointed out that the cost split is about the same as the brownies. so i caved. the chick asked us what we wanted written on the cake and we were like "uuhhmmm…… *look at each other* uhmm…. just surprise us…" and she stared at us as if we were nuts. she repeated the question, we debated a bit, and decided on "just surprise us" and she was like "uhmm…" and gave us another "you are so f-ckin’ insane, what are you tripping on?" look, paused, and then headed to the back to write something. we honestly had no idea what she was going to write, if she got what we were saying.
as a reward for doing yoga and taking a step towards healthy… we bought a chocolate cake with a side of diabetes. of course all that sugar, there was an inch thick layer of icing, led to severe hyperness.
later that night, still hyper, we were sitting around and talking:
*beep beep*
Mike: *laughing* that was my watch, i haven’t been able to find it for two weeks now. but i keep hearing it beep.
Me: *also laughing* yeah i keep hearing it randomly throughout the day, i didn’t know you lost it
Mike: yep. i can even hear it when i am in the shower.
Me: hehehe, yeah i can’t hear the doorbell, but i can hear your watch while i am in the shower. hell i can hear it from just about any part of the house, beep beep, *laughs*
sidenote: as i was writing this, the watch beeped

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