i <3 American TV

12 Jun
in my busy days of channel-surfing, i usually end on the american channels, because when you are looking for trashy mindless TV, that’s the place to find it. that and re-runs of Degrassi. which is what i was watching. and at 2 in the afternoon, that is when the cheap commercials are on. lawyer commercials especially.
these two gems [from the same company i believe, or one company is blatanly ripping off the other’s commercial] from lawyers:
1.) a stop-smoking-aid…. that is now been found to be linked with suicide. so you take the aid to quit, in hopes of leading a healthier and longer life…. and it makes you commit suicide? irony.
2.) a pain path…. that they say has resulted in death in some cases. DEATH. instead of taking an apsirin or a T3 or whatever and instead, you stick on a patch [just because you can’t swallow?!]…. and end up DEAD. more irony.
i love American commercials.
3.) a debt-reduction law firm. they show one of their lawyers at his desk, working with a "client", papers sprawlec over the desk, the lawyer being all professional… the only thing missing? a computer. that’s right, the lawyers in this firm, in this day and age, WITHOUT computers?! i think the ad money would’ve been better spent on a PC.
4.) a self-help-DIY-guru selling his line of DVDs. ranging in topics. he tries to give you a good deal. one problem. HE IS ORANGE. do you really want to learn things from a guy who can’t even fake a tan? something so simple?
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