… and that’s the MOST cows i ever saw

26 Jun
i was invited for a cottage trip up to Kincardine, so of course i was all in. given that it sucks here right now.
and now because of the heat and drilling noises… i am too lazy to write up a legit tale of the goings on of that weekend, so instead, here are some highlights:
  • 1000+ cows
  • saw amish people, was nice to see them without having almost just run them over
  • town called Dorking
  • fitness place called Go Figure
  • piercing place called Through The Other Side
  • llama hiding out amongst the sheep on a farm; wouldn’t’ve known it was a llama had it not been for the long neck
  • downtown Kincardine is the ONLY place where you can see a chipmunk crossing the road…
  • Perdue Road in the middle of nowhere

this heat is just too much

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